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8 thoughts on “ Kyoteizinc (Tremolo Mix)

  1. Aug 10,  · Tremolo only works on particular songs or parts. Kinda loses its impact if you leave it on all the time. What are some of the best examples of tremolo use in music? I'd say Calvary Cross by Richard Thompson and Gimme Shelter by los Rolling Stones. BTW, I got a Guyatone Flip Tremolo a few weeks ago. Great pedal.
  2. Feb 24,  · Empress Tremolo Boss PN-2 Earthquaker Hummingbird And the Diamond Tremolo chops relatively well in square wave mode but it also has a "chop" mode which is essentially a killswitch type sound. I thought it was really cool but it's a feature you'd want to try out first since it does sound different from a standard trem.
  3. Tremolo definition: If someone's singing or speaking voice has a tremolo in it, it moves up and down instead | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  4. Jul 18,  · From the Bigsby to the Strat's synchronized tremolo to the Floyd Rose double–locking system, the holy grail of tremolo systems has remained an aspirational achievement for guitar builders and players alike.. While those three dominated the market — alongside other systems that stood the test of time, like Fender's floating tremolo systems on Jazzmasters and Jaguars — plenty of others.
  5. Other articles where Tremolo is discussed: sound: Other effects on tone: slow change in pitch) and tremolo (a periodic slow change in amplitude) also aid the analysis of steady-state sounds.
  6. Nov 12,  · Best Premium Tremolo Pedal: Fender Tre-Verb Tremolo Reverb Pedal With both tremolo and reverb effects controlled from one pedal, countless customization options, and a sound created by one of the world’s leading audio brands, Fender has greatly raised the bar here when it comes to tremolo guitar pedals. Our Top Ten. Tremolo pedals are a big deal.
  7. Define tremolo. tremolo synonyms, tremolo pronunciation, tremolo translation, English dictionary definition of tremolo. n. pl. trem·o·los 1. A tremulous effect produced by rapid repetition of a single tone or by rapid alternation of two tones. 2. A device on an organ for.
  8. Just wanted to know some good songs with the tremolo effect, not tremolo picking. I already have Crimson and Clover, Kill Bill Theme, Riot Van, and Fo.

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